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Finance is one of very important factors in your college applications.

Before I go into details of where to get money, let us consider the type of college. The state colleges are usually cheaper but if you are going out of state, you have to pay ‘out of state fee’. On other hand private colleges are expensive, but the fee most likely would be same in or out of state.

If the college you choose on your list is in state, you will be paying the lower fee. However you also has to consider other factors like scholarship grants the college might have.

Now let us go into various form of financial aid.

FAFSA: This is free money. It is also competitive. Parents income and other factors will also be considered in the criteria. But you must apply for it, because it is free money. You can go to student aid website and fill the FAFSA form.

Scholarships : The financial aid is available in various types of scholarships. These consists of state scholarships, private scholarships. You should talk to a counselor in school or a college on your list which talks about these scholarships.

While scholarships and grants should be your first priority, because it does not need to paid back, you can also look into loans available at your college.