What are Ivy League Schools

he Ivy League is an American collegiate athletic conference comprising sports teams from eight private universities in Northeastern united states.

The term Ivy league  was first used in 1933 after NCAA was formed. The National collegiate athletic association (NCAA) is a non-profit association that organizes the sports programs of many colleges and universities in the US and Canada
The eight Ivy League universities which are given below, have high standard academics.
They spend a lot of money and resources to attract best students. Getting admissions in these

Universities is a prestige as well as it open lot of opportunities in the world for career. Very Successful people like Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump has studies in Ivy League.

Ivy league schools get a lot of money, they have best of the faculty. They have large pool of Alumni.
The teachers in Ivy League are topmost authority in their field. Some of members are Nobel prize winners.
It certainly makes a difference to learn from best.

The students who get an Ivy college stamp, their ideas are heard and accepted in Social and professional circles. One of the major advantage is that networking

with diverse people can bring in ideas, money and success.

Since Ivy league are prestigious colleges and lot of people want to get into it.

The standard is high. The overall acceptance rate is between 4.6% to 10.6% For these
schools. Early applicants have higher acceptance rates than regular applicants.

The early acceptance rates depend on college to college. For example, Dartmouth

Has early acceptance rate of 25%. Read more about Dartmouth acceptance

Which Ivy League schools easiest to get into

The acceptance rates at Cornell are highest at 14.1%, and lowest acceptance rates at Harvard as 5.2%. Harvard Columbia and Yale are very selective. Every Ivy League school has it is Niche of excellence. Therefore, it will depend on what Major you choose. The extra-curricular activities will also be a factor in admissions.

List of Ivy League Schools

  • Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Columbia University, New York, New York
  • Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
  • University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey
  • Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
  • Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire
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