How to Prepare SAT,  ACT

This article describes how to prepare for sat in most efficient way so that you can get maximum results easily and quickly. Before I explain how to prepare, let me first take  most important questions out of way.

Is SAT difficult or HARD? Answer is – “it is NOT hard” if you follow following steps.

  1. Get to know the SAT format Practice tests
  2. SAT course
  3. Practice tests

Let us go over these one by one. It is important to know that SAT format completely, even if you have some familiarity with it. Let us take a brief look one at a time. SAT consists of Math & English.

English: Some students take this section lightly and think more about the math part. But notice that it has equal 800 marks as for math. It consists of following sections: The reading section is designed to test your reading skills to interpret thoughts expressed by author, relate fact to passage, interpret infographics. It also measures thoughts implied by the author. SAT reading also measures interpreting words in context. The passages are given as follows.

One passage from a classic or contemporary work of
U.S. or world literature.

One passage or a pair of passages from either a U.S. founding document or a text in the Great Global Conversation they inspired. A selection about economics, psychology, sociology, or some other social science.

Two science passages that examine foundational concepts and developments in Earth science, biology, chemistry, or physics.

Any reading around above topics will be helpful. Then do a practice test.


Heart of Algebra equations, inequalities and graphs

Problem Solving and Data Analysis Rations, percentages, average, mean, probability etc.

Passport to Advanced Math
Quadratic equations, system of equations,

Additional Topics
Geometry, triangles, area, volumes. Now that you are familiar with let us go on to discuss how to prepare.
1. Take a couple of practice tests. Get familiar with type of questions and time yourself to know how much
time you take.
2. Take some online course to learn the fundamentals and strategies
3. Come back to practice.

The following describes some additional points that will help you on the test.

4. Make sure you are very familiar with calculator, so that you can efficiently use it in calculator section.
5. Memorize formulas, especially for trigonometry section.
6. Read different types of literature.
7. Plan to study and stick to it.
8. Try to understand the fundamentals rather than cramming.
9. Practice with a friend.
10. And most important Enjoy study.

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