Sat Subject Tests will not Hurt You

Can Sat Subject Tests hurt you

SAT subject test scores in less competitive colleges will not hurt you. The highly competitive colleges, the point is that subject test scores will not hurt you, but they will not benefit you in gaining extra points against other competing students.


Let me explain in detail.

Your thought process should start with which college you are aiming for. If it is not highly competitive, than it is OK to have low subject score and submit.

They will be definitely looking at other parts of the matrix as well, e.g. SAT/ACT score and extra-curricular activities. subject test will be small percentage of matrix.

Let us you are aiming for a competitive college. There are lot of students vying for admissions in these colleges.

You take subject tests to to show to school how strong you are on those subjects.

These colleges will look at all types of scores. SAT and ACT scores will also matter

and so does subject test scores. The reason being that other students will also

have high SAT and ACT scores.

So how to you stand apart ?    A good score on subject test will give you extra points.

The bottom line is that it is NOT that low subject test scores will hurt you and drag you

down, they don’t look at them in negative way, but you don’t get the extra points as

compared to other students.

You can wait for subject test score, then decide to send or re-take.

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